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AccaDC1 September 9, , I met him and gary once at a concert here in western australia he is the most honest and genuine person that you ever wish to meet. Kelly G December 31, , He got a second throw of the dice. I now live on the Gold Coast and used to see Herm play and thought he was a good drummer.

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Now that He is going to have gahg-locked memorial at Leppington It will be better to be able to visit his grave in person. Извините за длинное письмо. The clip of Crazy is my favourite — I love that song. Me August 12,4: Ron Clayton August 31, There are some great photographs in the book with some script music.

David Rixon July 5,1: A few of gang-lockd fans are tryign to launch a campaign.

TED MURLY GANG (TMG) — Steppin’ Out »

Some of you may need to reach for the box of tissues. Ian September agng-locked, I should also mention that I had some input from Ronald for the interview with Herm. Thanks Kelly, managed to buy online from the USA. At least he isnt living in Sydney. I am seriously thinking about doing it on a regular basis. Удивительным образом вокал иногда напоминает Paul Rodgers Free.


If you are Ron the Roadie as I believe you are then perhaps you can answer that question? The Committee is made up of a range of different experts from all areas of the Australian music industry, murlh with a deep knowledge of, and love for, Australian music. Kelly G August 14,9: I want to know any info on where Ted is buried or cremated.

Did he play in any of these reunion shows? Can you buy it still?

Ted Mulry Gang — Locked in

I loved Ted Mulry gang, am sorry he left us so early. The missing reels were still at the airport and only 3 out of the 5 turned up that night.

I am also including a link to my previous tribute to Ted on the 9th anniversary of his passing. That is the only negative about the live album. Thank you for that information Ron.

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Me July 11,9: Tex как ложится на душу I was hooked on rocknroll. Thanks for your interest. Joel September 8, Linda Halkyard December 9,1: You have been very kind to share your knowledge and memories.


Mark Tinson joined as a guitarist in the early nineties ? Kelly G May 12,9: I Knew armidale was a dump but this only proved it.

That is why I am still a TMG fan.