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We appreciate your feedback for your Genius product user experience. It is brand new, I bought it from Amazon, how do I get a replacement? You can log in into your Amazon account and generate a Amazon return label. На данной странице содержится информация об установке последних загрузок драйверов Genius PenSketch M с использованием средства обновления драйверов Genius. I have a triple monitor setup for the tablet, but the program cannot map the tablet to one screen. Нажав на кнопку «Начать загрузку» и установив «Софт»», я подтверждаю, что прочитал а и согласен на с Пользовательским соглашением и Политикой конфиденциальности Solvusoft. I bought a Genius product seven days ago.

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Genius PenSketch M/A Driver — Windows XP/Vista/7/8 32/bit | Genius

The pen, mouse and tablet effective distance must be within 15mm; otherwise, this could create this condition too. There is no response after I connected the tablet and installed the driver, why? Unfortunately, we do not offer global warranty on our products. Once the tablet gets disconnected from USB, or after long periods of inactivity, it loses pressure sensitivity. Bringing the pen to the graphics tablet within 1 cm of the surface generates драывер sharp pencil style and does not control the line thickness and click.

Popular Genius Tablets drivers:

We suggest a distance between the tablet and monitor as: If cursor moves randomly in a specific area, it could be a hardware problem on the tablet.

Whenever I would touch the tablet pen to the tablet itself, and I hold still, the cursor keeps jumping around. Политика защиты личных сведений Соглашение об использовании Лицензия Карта сайта.


After I installed Photoshop CS, there is no pen pressure, why? The Adobe CS4 Photoshop program is trial version only, there is no need to type in the password license key when you install it, just click on Trial Option. If the problem is the same, it should be a problem with the tablet or pen. After adding a signature panel, close the Handwriting Tool. The pen program works automatically when starting your laptop, the icon would display on the bottom of the right corner, close it then you can open the paint application.

Драйверы для Genius PenSketch M912

Genius EasyPen i Графический планшет Genius. Please installed the latest drivers and change a new battery, if the product needs driver and battery.

It could be a tablet battery problem. Компания О нас Обратная связь Наши партнёры дневная гарантия возврата средств Автопродление лицензии. Чтобы обеспечивать золотой уровень компетенции, компания Solvusoft производит независимый анализ,добиваясь высокого уровня опыта в работе с программным обеспечением, успешного обслуживания клиентов и первоклассной потребительской ценности.

Is there a way I can get this to work in dual screens? In Henius, there is a file and a toolbox that will open and it can easily write on tablet and see on computer. В качестве независимого разработчика ПО Solvusoft обеспечивает высочайший уровень удовлетворенности клиентов, предлагая программное обеспечение высшего класса и сервисные решения, постоянно проходящие строгие проверку и отбор со стороны корпорации Microsoft.

Драйвер Genius PenSketch M912A

Нажав на кнопку «Начать загрузку» и установив «Софт»», я подтверждаю, что прочитал а и согласен на с Пользовательским соглашением и Политикой конфиденциальности Solvusoft. Why does the tablet battery die so quickly? Go to the Pen Pressure Area to test it, if it is normal the problem is in your paint program, not the tablet. That is why the Pen Pressure functions are greyed out.


The pen is broken in this condition. Постоянное обновление программного обеспечения Genius PenSketch M предотвращает сбои и максимально повышает производительность оборудования и системы. You could pensketcn the pen and mouse as an alternative.

Finally, download the latest version driver to see if this helps. This is normal when using it.

Драйверы для Genius PenSketch M

If unsure, contact customer support for assistance. Can I add a signature panel on the tablet for Excel or Word files?

However, it cannot be turned on anymore. But in Mac, how to find such a file? If the problem is the same, the tablet is broken and you need to contact customer support for assistance.

We have some problems with your product.